Sally Beach

Sally started playing the violin at a young age.  Later she changed to the bassoon and now plays professionally across the South of England.  Sally teaches music classes for children aged 7 - 9 on the violin or recorder.  She also teaches beginner to advanced bassoon.


Nick Beach

Nick also started the violin at a young age - but he stuck with it!  Until recently he was a director with Trinity, the music exams board.  As well as teaching Nick writes about music education - and still loves playing.

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Music Classes for 7 to 9 year olds with Sally

Helping children explore the world of music and find the things they love. 

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Bassoon Lessons with Sally

The unsung hero of the orchestra!  Come and find out more about this wonderful but little known instrument.

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Violin Lessons with Nick

Learn at your own pace in lessons which are real musical experiences.  

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