Our two-day celebration of classical and folk music each summer is our main event of the year but we are gradually adding new events through the year.  Find out more about what we do on these pages.

Music at Jopes Mill 22: 2nd and 3rd July

The gardens at Jopes will be alive with music for two days.  We are putting together a line up of some fantastic musicians to perform some music you'll know, and some you won't.  Be prepared to be suprised - music might pop up in odd places!  Already booked are the MJM22 Chamber Orchestra, Duo Lamorniana, the Molendini String Quartet, and a set from the amazing Finn Collinson Band.  4pm to 8pm each day. Tickets available soon.

Chamber Concerts at Jopes

These take place in the Music Studio at Jopes which seats about 30.  They are really informal events where the performers get a chance to talk about the music being played and the audience is encouraged to relax with a glass of wine.  Future events will include music for viola and piano and at some point the Brahms Clarinet Quintet.

Who we are


Sally Beach

Sally started playing the violin at a young age.  Later she changed to the bassoon and now plays professionally across the South of England.  Sally teaches music classes in local primary schools


Nick Beach

Nick also started the violin at a young age - but he stuck with it!  Until recently he was a director with Trinity, the music exams board.  As well as playing Nick writes about music education.