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Sustainability, Environment and Community

We are committed to minimising the impact that Jopes Mill and Lodge has on the environment at the same time as contributing to our community here in South East Cornwall.  We try to manage our six acres of gardens and woodland in a way that preserves its natural beauty at the same time as providing important wildlife habitats.  And of course all those trees are busy absorbing CO2!  

  • We have solar panels on the roof of Jopes Cottage which provide free electricity to the mill and lodge during the day, and feed any surplus back to the grid.

  • We purchase our electricity from a green energy supplier.

  • We cut and carefully dry all the wood we use from our own woodlands, supplying the wood burners in the mill and lodge as well as our own cottage.

  • Oil was the only choice for central heating in the mill, but boiler in the mill is new and has a very high efficiency rating.



  • We have our own private water supply from a spring up the hill, which is treated in our own treatment plant on site. 

Cleaning Products

  • Almost all of our cleaning products come from Bio D and Ecoleaf ranges – they are both environmentally friendly and kind to the sewage treatment plant.  We buy in bulk containers wherever possible to minimise plastic waste.

  • We provide sustainable washing up liquid, hand soap, dishwasher tablets and laundry liquid for all our guests.

  • We use a steam cleaner where appropriate to avoid using chemicals

Waste and Recycling

  • Household waste from the cottages is sorted and recycled.  We encourage guests to help with this by using the labelled recycling bins.

Wood Stoves

There are wood stoves in both the Mill and the Lodge.  We supply free wood to our guests throughout your stay.  All the wood comes from our own managed woodland and is seasoned for two years to reduce emissions.  The stoves are Defra compliant.  NB please don't use wood from any other source as this is often not properly dried.

Commitment to the Community

We are both musicians and are committed to building the audience for professional classical music in South East Cornwall through events and work in schools.  In our first few years we have run summer music events in the gardens at Jopes, small chamber concerts in our music room and other concerts at nearby venues, including a developing partnership with St Germans Priory Church.  We use a proportion of the income from the holiday cottages to support this work, which provides employment for musicians in Cornwall and Devon as well as high quality Classical music to local audiences.

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