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By car, bus or ferry -shop, snoop around the old streets by the harbour and picnic in the grass of the port.


It's your village and it's tiny!  Go and explore for your local church, pub and bus stop - on foot in about half an hour.


Under an hour's drive away with cute markets, its very own river and a wonderful cathedral.


A 20 minute drive or as part of a longer walk, this is a beautiful and timeless little seaside town to explore with the best of both beach and harbour.


Home to your closest Cornish beach, Seaton is  just 10 minutes in the car, 5 from Hessenford on the bus or an hours walk down the river Seaton.


Largely for your nearest supermarkets but  visit the centre on a sunny day and you will find a sweet town with a lovely train station.  Pronounce it Lis-kard and you'll sound like a local.

Tel: 01503 240842

Jopes Mill, Trebrownbridge, Cornwall, PL14 3PX

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