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Whilst we are not fully accessible for people with disabilities we are keen to do everything we can to provide the information you need to decide whether Jopes Mill and Lodge is appropriate for you.  We have provided some information here, but if you have any specific queries please do gives us a ring on 01503 240842 and we will try to help.


Jopes Mill


The accommodation in Jopes Mill is on three floors.  The parking area is immediately outside the front door and there is level access into the building.  One of the bedrooms (which can be a double or twin) is on the first floor up a flight of ten stairs, and there is also a shower and toilet on this floor as well as the living room.  The other bedroom (a double) and the bathroom (with bath) is on the second floor up a further flight of 10 stairs.  For a video tour of the Mill see here.

Jopes Lodge

Jopes Lodge is on one level but to access the building there are two steps up onto the patio and two steps down from here into the Lodge.  There is a video on our YouTube channel here which shows you this route.  The Lodge has a large shower with a small lip.  There is a video of the Lodge interior here.




Our aim at Jopes Mill and Lodge is to be inclusive and welcoming, providing a safe and respectful environment so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful place we live in..  We welcome guests of all backgrounds and identities, and we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind.



The gardens and woodland at Jopes Mill and Lodge are a paradise for children, with plenty of space for ball games and the chance to build dens in the woods.  However it is a natural environment and the river and lake are not fenced.  It is vital that children are supervised at all times and that parents are aware of the potential risks in this environment.

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