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Talland Bay to Looe


You can do this walk in either direction or both.  It takes about and hour and a half each way - or more like 2 hours to/from the centre of Looe.  As with all the coast path, it can be muddy in places so wear something appropriate.  This is a "there and back"walk so you can turn around when you like!


As you come into Talland from Looe you will see this very small parking place on the left (Google Maps link).  It's free.  But if it's full there is a large car park further on by the Talland Bay Cafe (which is great!).  Walk back along the lane and coast path goes to the left from the corner of the first parking place.  


You have a pull to start but the views of Talland Bay and beach are well worth it.  Then it is quite flat for a while.


After about 30 mins you will start to get views of Looe Island and the edge of Looe itself.


Walking back Westwards you can often see Dodman Point in the distance and sometimes even the Lizard Point and lighthouse.

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