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St Germans Quay and Viaduct

This short walk is ideal for a summer evening, or as an add on if you are visiting the wonderful abbey church at St Germans - more here.  It will take you 45 mins or so.  The paths can get very muddy after rain so one for the dry days.  Park at the top of Quay Road where it meets the B3249. Walk down Quay Rd and take a left at the bottom towards the sailing club


Walk along the old quay by the sailing club and pick up the path towards the viaduct at the end of it.


The path goes along underneath the viaduct.  (It is 32m high and the piers go down 18m below the waterline)


Keep going!

You will come to some steps.  Soon after this there is a path off to the left - this will bring you up past the doctors surgery into St Germans again.  The old station is worth a look on your way back to the car.

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