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Minions to the Cheesewring


The circuit from Minions up to the Cheesewring and back via the Hurlers (standing stones) takes about one to one and a half hours.  There is a pub and cafe in Minions - and apparently the post office sells good pasties.

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Use the car park at the east end of Minions - the track towards the Cheesewring is signed from back of the car park 

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On the way up you will have great views of the old copper mine workings (a UNESCO World Heritage Site).  You can also see Dartmoor in the distance

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The Cheesewring and other granite piles of stones were left behind as the land around them eroded.  There are great views from the top as well.

From the Cheesewring you can turn left and go down into the valley.  At the bottom turn left again and follow a small stream (empty in summer).  This will take you back to the Hurlers and to Minions.

You can easily extend this walk to explore the old mining area to the South of Minions.  The footpath is just to the West of the Cheesewring pub.  You will follow old rail lines and see some fascinating old mine workings - including Jopes Mine.

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