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Bassoon Lessons

If you have been to a symphony orchestra concert you might have seen some chimneys with white tops sticking up at the back.  These are the bassoons: 

Bassoon chimneys.jpg

The bassoon is the lowest of the woodwind instruments, but it doesn't just play bass lines.  Follow the links at the bottom of the page to hear what the bassoon can do.

The full size bassoon is quite big - and you need to have fairly big hands.  But there are small instruments available for younger children.

If you play the bassoon you will always be in demand as there are never enough players!  You can play in orchestra, wind bands, chamber music groups, theatre orchestras, and many more.

If your child (or you - I teach adults too!) would like a trial lesson on the basson drop me a line.  Meanwhle here is some great bassoon music to listen to!

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