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Renovating Jopes Mill

Here you can see some photos of the work as it progressed in the mill.  At the bottom of the page is a list of the amazing people who helped us with this.

The mill room (dining room) and patio


The dining room will feature the original mill workings.

We have kept the original beams but boarded and plastered in between them,  We found an old fire place and Phil Bennett, our wonderful plasterer, worked his magic restoring the lime plaster around it.

P1020755 (1).jpg

DIgging out the new patio

The mill was built on a hill and the back wall was underground and damp.  We dug out behind it and found the original retaining wall.  Lots of work - but the wall is drying out!

The kitchen

... and on the inside (it will be the kitchen) we stripped off all the cement render so that it can breathe.  (The farmer who put in the cow stalls knew how to make hard cement!)

P1020756 (1).jpg

Starting to fit the kitchen.

The back wall is now waterproofed and the plastering is nearly finished and the ceiling ready for plaster - almost ready for kitchen installation.


The Stairs


The space for the new staircases

Beautiful new staircase by F D Hall - ground to first floor


First to second floor

First floor landing

P1020759 (1).jpg


The lounge features the original grinding stones and the post from the mill workings on the floor below.

We have kept the original beams but boarded and plastered in between them.  (Masking tape still on!).  You can see one of the stones - the other is on the near side of the post.

P1020762 (1).jpg

Heat at last - the new woodburner in the lounge!

Second Floor

This will have the main bedroom and bathroom.


New walls for the upstairs bathroom taking shape.

Now boarded and plastered - the plaster is still drying here!

P1020763 (1).jpg
P1020764 (1).jpg

The top of the stairs - door to the main bedroom.


Our new bridge.


Thanks to some of the brilliant people who are helping us:

Joan Kinnane - Architect

Roger and Jeff at F D Hall - handmade staircase

Phil Bennett - plasterer and miracle worker

Jay, George, Connor and Carl at Sadler & Bourne - plumbing and heating

Colin at Just Rods - help and advice about everything

Joe at True Joinery - for windows

Chris Walmsley - electrician and lighting adviser

Steve Humphreys - wood stoves

Mike Gill - handmade iron railings

Mark Kingscott - Lockwise - doors and locks

Stenlakes - sewage treatment plant

Jak Smith (KWRS Roofing) - roof work

Barry at Cornish Flooring - carpets

Richards Builders Merchants - Doublebois

Mountjoy Water Supplies - water treatment and tanks

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